Learn more about Caleb’s positions on the key issues relevant to mid-Missouri.


icon-developmentGovernment spending and higher taxes will never stimulate an economy.

Our state is at its best when its citizens are working, creating & innovating. The economic downturn we saw in 2008-2012 didn’t happen because small business owners weren’t doing their jobs. Or because creative minds stopped being creative. It was because government [on both sides of the aisle] established bureaucratic regulations that have strangled our job creators and stifled any chance for economic growth.We must work hard to cut spending and simply live within our means. Individuals and families are punished for compiling debt they can’t pay off. Why should state and federal government be any different? Caleb has played a critical role in keeping Missouri’s budget balanced though his work on the House Budget committee. 


icon-taxesHigher taxes simply don’t stimulate an economy.

Adversely, they stifle innovation, discourage investment, prevent saving, destroy production, and crush the middle class and the poor. Keeping tax rates as low and as simple as possible leaves Missourians with more cash to invest in the private sector. Low and simple tax rates also give business owners the certainty and stability to expand without the fear of unnecessary and untimely government interference.


icon-govtThose in government should be held to a higher standard.

We need people of character, integrity, and humility in public office. Unfortunately, corruption and scandals have shaken people’s faith in those who represent them…it is time to reverse this trend! Mid-Missouri deserves a representative who will not disappoint, but exceed, expectations in this area. As your State Representative, Caleb has worked diligently to increase government accountability and restore trust between the citizens and their government, and will continue to do so in the Missouri Senate.


icon-educationIn today’s world, it’s not good enough just to educate children…we have to inspire them!

From the earliest ages, today’s children are exposed to the world of Facebook, Twitter, and the world wide web, where everything is instant, and much of it is very engaging to them. If schools and educators want to compete with this new reality, we must get out of the education rut we’ve been in for the last 10-15 years. We must harness the power of technology instead of fighting to push our students away from it. We must welcome new and fresh ideas to the education arena, and find new ways to inspire our kids to become the great leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Competition and innovation are critical to a thriving economy. We must allow those same things to be the catalyst for a world-class education system for Missouri’s children. Everything must be on the table, and the welfare and advancement of our children must be the only desired outcome!



Until you’ve experienced all that our campus has to offer, it’s hard to appreciate just how great the University of Missouri really is! From academics to research to athletics…MIZZOU is something special. We must ensure that it has the resources it needs to not only maintain that status, but to grow and develop as a national leader in innovation and education. Additionally, we must acknowledge the reality that students will have a much harder time entering the workforce at the appropriate level when they are weighed down with thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt. Prioritizing the future trajectory of our college students must be a priority for Missouri’s General Assembly in the years to come.



Caleb is pro-life and believes every life is precious. He believes that no public funds should be used for abortion.