Caleb Rowden is a conservative fighter who gets results.

For the last 12 years in the state legislature, Caleb Rowden has delivered conservative win after conservative win for the people of Missouri. Rowden’s leadership in the Missouri Senate delivered billions in tax cuts, pro-life wins, 2nd Amendment wins, billions in new investments into our roads and bridges, and the list goes on. Now Rowden is bringing his brand of governing conservatism to the Secretary of State’s office.

A Husband and a Father

Caleb has been married to his wife Aubrey for 18 years. They live in Columbia, Missouri with their three kids — Willem, Adele & Theo. Caleb and his wife are both small business owners and entrepreneurs.

A Man of Faith

Prior to his time in public service, Rowden enjoyed a successful career in Christian music ministry. He also participated in a dozen missions trips, both domestically and internationally, and was a Music Pastor at his church. His faith motivates him to serve his community and his state.

A True Fighter

Some talk about delivering conservative victories. Rowden has actually done it. His resume of successes is unprecedented in Missouri political history. Rowden talks the talk and walks the walk.


Caleb shares his from-the-heart, vision for his continued service to the people of Missouri in the Secretary of State’s office.